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Whitworth Tool truck, 24/7/365 availability

Whitworth Tool proudly serves its family of customers, making it happen, one job at a time.

Toyota Whitworth Tool
Nissan Whitworth Tool
U.S. Ordnance Whitworth Tool
"I can never say enough about the friendly service and willingness I have received from Whitworth Tool. They are willing to come to our facility at all hours of day or night."
"Anytime we have a rush job Whitworth Tool can turn it around faster than anyone else at a good price. People are very friendly and they are there to support you and your company."
"I deal with a lot outside vendors and none come close to giving the service and quality of work that the Whitworth team has over the years. Great Job!"
KGM Whitworth Tool
Ohio Ordnance Whitworth Tool
"Whitworth tooling goes above and beyond to make sure all of our needs are met regardless of the almost seemingly impossible timelines that we request to meet our customer demands. Their staff is of the upmost in professionalism as well as their knowledge to all of our needs." 
"Always great to work with, good communication and quick turn around on special request/projects."
"We used Whitworth for 23 engineering changes and all passed on the 1st run….That is very rare."
Millennium Whitworth Tool
Metalsa Whitworth Tool
Bowling Green Whitworth Tool
"Available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Whitworth has saved our production needs several times. Customer service is excellent and we have a great working relationship."
"The Whitworth Team always go above and beyond to meet our needs, especially in critical situations.  The quality, support and on-time delivery are 2nd to none."
"Great people and are always willing to help. Whitworth Tool is one of the tool shops that I can always count on."
BH Aircraft Co Whitworth Tool
Lone Wolf Whitworth Tool
Bergara Whitworth Tool
"The work is the best out of all the shops I deal with. 
WT does outstanding work.
Shops should use WT as a benchmark on
how things should be done."
"My production team loves Whitworth’s parts…
the quality is top notch!"
"Always very happy with the quality and customer service, ability to make minor changes and new styles has been much appreciated!  Keep up the good work!"
Toyotetsu Whitworth Tool
Martinrea Whitworth Tool
Otter Creek Whitworth Tool
"A vendor of Whitworth’s caliber…you hold onto them."
Willy Woods - Sales Engineer
   Mike Harlan - CEO   
Precision Machining
Preston Fowler - Sales Engineer
Barry Lucas - Director of Operations
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