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"We Make It Happen"

Those are the words of our founder, Kenny Whitworth, who passed in 2021, and they still guide our approach to serving our customers today.    ​

The employees at Whitworth Tool recognize and work to uphold the legacy of this motto and you can see it in everything we do for our customers – be it the quality of the parts we produce of the quick turnaround time during a crash, “we make it happen” for our customers every day.


Founded in 1998, Kenny Whitworth started Whitworth Tool in his small brick garage in West View, Kentucky.  With one small milling machine, he began producing die components for the tool and die industry. Now Whitworth occupies an industrial site with a combined 52,200 square feet of work space in Hardinsburg, Kentucky and the Whitworth Team has grown to over 100 engineers, machinists, and production team members. 

Whitworth Tool has two primary service lines, working across many industries including defense, transportation, and aerospace.   
Emergency stamping die repair, stamping die modification, and refurbishment programs.
4 axis milling
Manufacturing tight tolerance, low-to-medium volume components.
Our customers value



"A vendor of Whitworth’s caliber…you hold onto them."


"We used Whitworth for 23 engineering changes and all passed on the 1st run….
That is very rare."


"My production team loves Whitworth’s parts…the quality is top notch. Whitworth is a partner, not just a vendor."
The team at Whitworth Tool has lived up to the words of Kenny Whitworth by making it happen for over 25 years.


Interested in learning more about Whitworth Tool? 

Read more about our 25 year history or check out the things happening with our current Whitworth Tool family on our News page. 

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Specialty Die Services

Chris Galloway - Sales Engineer

Willy Woods - Sales Engineer

Precision Machining

​Preston Fowler - Sales Engineer

Barry Lucas - Director of Operations

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